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Stewardship – The friends and benefactors of Shepherd’s Hill International, Inc. have entrusted resources to this ministry with the expectation that the funds will be used efficiently and effectively to fulfill the mission and purposes of SHI.  The Board of Trustees takes this stewardship responsibility most seriously, and therefore have instituted the following policies and practices:

Ø  Transparency – the books and records of SHI shall be open to examination by anyone with a legitimate interest in this ministry.

Ø  Asset protection – all donations and financial resources shall be promptly deposited in the bank.

Ø  Timely Accounting – all financial activity of SHI shall be recorded timely and financial resources and activity shall be reported monthly to the Board of Trustees.

Ø  Accountability – all Trustees, agents, employees, and volunteers shall be held strictly accountable for resources entrusted to them. 

Ø  Efficient Use of Resources – SHI shall seek to minimize all overhead and administrative costs so that the maximum amount of every dollar donated goes to the intended purposes of helping alleviate financial and spiritual poverty. 

Ø  Volunteers – whenever possible, SHI will utilize volunteers to accomplish its work. 

Ø  Tax Reporting – SHI shall comply with all required reporting to the IRS.

Ø  Legal Compliance – SHI shall comply with all local, state, and federal laws of the US and of the Philippines. 

Ø  Highest Standards of Stewardship – SHI shall seek to conform to all of the highest standards of accountability and stewardship for non-profit organizations.

Ø  Mailing Lists - SHI will never share its mailing list with other organizations.  

Ø  Responsiveness – SHI will seek to respond timely to inquiries about its work, its people, and its finances. 

Ø  Fiduciary Duty – the Board of Trustees take seriously their fiduciary responsibilities to the ministry, its benefactors, and those it serves. 


IRS Form 990 – Click here for the latest IRS Form 990 for SHI.

To view our restricted gift policy, click here.


Who to contact for more information -  

v  For questions about or confirmation of specific contributions;

                  Mrs. Elaine Kelly, CPA

                  Shepherd’s Hill International, Inc.

                  PO Box 11000

                  Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100

                  (405) 425-5564


v  For questions about the SHI organization or overall operations:

                  Dr. Mike E. O’Neal, Chair/President

                  Shepherd’s Hill International, Inc.

                  PO Box 11000

                  Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100

                  (405) 226-3399