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September 2012


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Salvador Cariaga is an exceptionally talented and effective worker in God’s kingdom.  He is a missionary, a teacher, a fundraiser, a visionary, and a very hard-working, hands-on servant all rolled into one.  Because he works on behalf of numerous ministry efforts in the Philippines and receives support and ministry funding from several organizations in the United States, it was thought advisable by one of those supporting organizations, Give A Goat, to put together a stewardship report on his behalf. 


What Ministries Does Salvador Serve in the Philippines?

Salvador does not serve on the board or as an officer of any of the organizations he has begun or supported, but prefers to allow his service to be evaluated without regard to title or authority.  Where he has served in such official capacities in the past, he has quickly sought others to provide structure and leadership. 


Among the ministries he raises funds and provides sweat equity and inspiration for are:

·         Arapal Livelihood Center in Mactan, which he began, but which now has its own board and officers.  Arapal is focusing on helping Christians through sustainability programs, the most prominent of which is the goat program, but also including crafts and trades, education, recycling, agricultural enhancements, etc. 

·         Disaster relief from the frequent natural disasters in the PI. 

·         Providing support for orphans—typically resulting from those natural disasters. 

·         Providing K-12 and college scholarships for promising young orphans and students from poor families.  (currently have 4 students in Singapore studying Bible, 30 in Leyte Christian College, and others in Baguio, Butuan, and Mactan. 

·         Providing clean and safe drinking water for the poor of the PI.

·         Medical ministries. 

·         Started several private Christian schools in conjunction with local churches. 

·         Teaches sustainability and self-reliance. 

·         Supporting the poorest of the poor in the PI. 

·         Ships containers of supplies to be used in the Philippine ministries. 

·         Supporting and encouraging whatever other good work his hands and heart finds to do. 


What organization does Salvador work for and with in the U.S.?

Salvador works with the following organizations:

·         Shepherds Hill International

·         Give A Goat, Inc.

·         Bread for a Hungry World ( 

·         Body & Soul Ministries (



What support does Salvador receive and from whom?

The support for Salvador’s family comes from the following sources:

·         Altamesa Church of Christ, Ft. Worth, TX                            $2,500/mo.

·         Burleson Church of Christ, Burleson, TX                              $1,000/mo.

o   Total monthly support in the U.S.                                 $3,500/mo.


This level of support has remained the same for almost ten years.  He is supposed to receive $1,000 per month from Arapal to maintain his house in the PI.  Those funds are not always received and many of them are used for a work fund.  His PI house is used as his office and hosts several guests even when he is not there.  The Cariagas do not own a home in the US, but have always rented.  As Salvador says, their one luxury is that they are in a gated apartment for security of his wife and family with him being away so much.  His apartment also serves as his office.  They have no television cable, live a modest lifestyle, and drive economical vehicles, putting on many, many miles on their personal car for the work because it is more efficient than the vehicle provided by Shepherds Hill.


Wife Jennie and children Peter, Luke, and Wendy all work many hours for the ministries for no compensation.  Occasionally, a church where Salvador speaks will give him a small check to be used personally for his family, but they typically total under $2,000 per year and are declared as income on his taxes.  His eldest son attended college on scholarships, work, and very modest help from home, and his youngest son is currently attending college the same way. 


Salvador has no Social Security or other retirement fund. 


Salvador’s work fund is provided primarily by Shepherds Hill International, which has provided him with a credit card and for which he accounts each month.  Recently he received a Debit Card from the Argyle Church of Christ to take some of the expense load off of Shepherds Hill


What is Salvador’s work style?

Salvador typically works 12-16 hours per day, takes almost no vacations (and when he does he makes ministry calls and visits).  He is constantly looking for ways to enhance the ministry effort in the PI and to raise money for those purposes.  He is also always looking for ways to save money during his fundraising.  He usually eats with his hosts, but also bus food in bulk and eats it on the road to save money.  If he is not staying with a host, he will either stay in a modest hotel, or often sleeps in his car in a lighted McDonalds parking lot. 



Where do the funds go that Salvador raises?

Salvador often directs prospective donors to the websites of the organizations he is working with.  Most of the checks are written directly to those organizations and are forwarded to them by the donors or by Salvador and Jennie.  Those organizations then send the funds to the operating entities in the PI for direct application in the ministries.  Organizations like Arapal have their own accounting and stewardship reporting.   Additional stewardship information can be obtained from Dr. Elmer Palacio who is President of Arapal ( 


What obligations does Salvador have?

Over the past 15-20 years of ministry, Salvador has never had enough resources to accomplish what was needed, especially in the disasters and emergencies.  During that time he has accumulated over $30,000 of debt on his personal credit cards.  When he is in the U.S. he is usually paying them down, but when in the PI, the needs are great and keep the balances high.  There is also an obligation to a Philippine bank for $14,000 that was incurred for purchase of the Arapal property. 



The largest ministry in terms of infrastructure and network in the PI if not in all of SE Asia.  I hope this report will encourage many to assist Salvador with eliminating his debt, increasing the funds for his family, and supporting his amazing work. 


                                                                        Mike E. O’Neal, Chair

                                                                        Board of Trustees

                                                                        Shepherd’s Hill International, Inc.