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Livelihood Programs

In addition to its flagship Give A Goat program, Arapal also provides other training and resources to help the poor become self-sufficient. 
  • Organic Gardening – Arapal provides basic horticultural instruction which allows a poor family to feed itself in much healthier ways, as well as to grow more food for sale. 
  • Worm Farming – Arapal teaches its constituents to raise worms which provide a great source of protein for feed and for enriching the soil. 
  • Organic Pig Raising – Arapal is demonstrating how pigs can be raised economically, organically, and without unpleasant odors.  Though Pigs do not have all the benefits of goats, but they are a way for some of Arapal’s clients to enhance their earnings and their nutrition. 
  • Skill Development – Arapal staff and volunteers teach sewing, soap making, computer operations, jewelry and purse-making with beads and trash, etc. 
  • Bee Raising - Arapal plans to teach people to raise bees for both honey and for pollenating.   

  • Chicken Raising - Arapal is providing chickens and training in how to raise chickens as a way to provide eggs and poultry.