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Give a Goat

Goat-raising is an accepted and indigenous practice to the people of the Philippines.  The agriculture and terrain of the Philippines is very conducive to goat raising, due to the immense amounts of forage found in the tropical climate. GG is able to be successful giving goats as a sustainable livelihood tool in the Philippines because it is a culturally compatible practice.


But why focus on goats?   Healthy female goats can produce two offspring each year. The goat provides milk, manure, and offspring—all of which have residual income sources. Goats are also easily upgraded with simple breeding programs.  A native goat can be purchased for a very modest price and can be bred with a higher grade of goat.  Therefore, its offspring will be of better quality than the mother.  So only after one cycle of pregnancy the goats produced within our program will make more money than what was spent on the initial goat.


Goats require very little space to live and produce.  This works very well with the  limited terrain found in the Philippines.  Goats are also known for eating just about anything.  The fact that goats aren’t particularly picky eaters makes feeding them simpler and cheaper.


For all these reasons, SHI/GG believes that goats, when raised properly, are a viable means of helping to lift families out of poverty.  Arapal is also providing other farm livelihood programs such as chickens, organic pig-raising, vermiculture (worms), organic gardening, orchards, etc. to help raise local people from the cycle of poverty.  See the Livelihood Programs page.