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Why Philippines

Our present focus is on the Philippines because of the work of Salvador Cariaga. Salvador, a native Filipino, has been a visionary leader for over 25 years.

He has seen the "cycle of poverty" and its dehumanizing effect, pass from one generation to the next. Government Aid programs and benevolent hand-outs were nothing more than band-aids and at best temporary solutions. Most often the result was more dependency and less effort towards self-sufficiency.

The Philippines is a stable democracy but a country of economic extremes. There are over 85 million people living in over 7100 islands of the Philippines. Its natural wonders, colorful history, tropical climate, shimmering waters and pristine beaches, form a backdrop for a warm, friendly, engaging people who long for an opportunity to do and to be better.

In rural Philippines the average wage is less than $2.00 per day. "Give a Goat and Give Hope", is a major part of the Livelihood Programs design, by Salvador Cariaga, to create a new way of life for an impoverished people.

Goat raising, along with other aspects of this program, helps relieve hunger and restores human dignity. We have seen and experienced the development of these programs.

Over the past 3 years more than 150 families have been impacted.

Poverty is a curable condition... you can help.