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SHI Ministries

These ministries began to support the Give a Goat livelihood sustainability ministry which ministry remains a primary emphasis of the Shepherd’s Hill International.  Not everyone who needs to benefit from this ministry can or will be able to raise goats.  Therefore, Arapal has initiated numerous other ministries to supplement to goat raising program and provide physical, economic, and spiritual blessings to the people of the Philippines.  Among those ministries are:  (i) several cottage industries such as making jewelry, purses, and other items, soap-making out of goat milk, and sewing classes; (ii) pig-raising; (iii) worm-farming; (iv) organic gardening skills; (v) supporting orphans from the many disasters that strike the Philippines; (vi) children and adult bible classes; (vii) teaching skills such as blacksmithing and hairdressing; (viii) providing clean/safe drinking water; (ix) surgery for children with hairlip; (x) co-sponsoring medical clinics; (xi) shipping containers of useful items; (xii) disaster relief; and (xiii) Momsy’s Kids – helping poor children have resources to attend school.