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Salvador Bravo Cariaga is a native of the Philippines and graduated as Valedictorian of Agusan del Sur College (high school) in 1978.  He received his BA in Bible and Speech Communications from Oklahoma Christian University in 1983.  He served in ministry at the Northwest Church of Christ in Oklahoma City and the Southwest Church of Christ in Ada, Oklahoma, in 1982-84.  He has served as a missionary and servant to the people of the Philippines since 1985 and is the founder of Shepherd's Hill International, Inc.  He is supported by the Altamesa Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas.  All of the ministries featured by Shepherds Hill International and Give a Goat are the result of Salvador's work.  Additionally he has been instrumental in planting churches and training preachers and is the founder of Sunrise Orphan Home and Arapal Christian Camp, and co-founder Green Garden Christian School and other Christian schools.  All of this work is with the great support of his wife Jennie (Henry) Cariaga (also an 1983 OC graduate), and his children, Peter, Luke, and Wendy.  Salvador and Jennie make their home in Fort Worth, Texas, which is his headquarters during his US residency.  He spends part of the year in the US raising funds and telling the story of the work in the Philippines, and part of the year in the Philippines supervising and encouraging the many ministries there. 

George Dillon McKinsey Robinson initially planted the idea of forming Shepherd's Hill International as a way to promote Salvador's work in the Philippines and to provide an avenue for U.S. taxpayers to receive the benefit of income tax contribution deductions.  George did all the incorporation papers, the tax exemption filings, served as the first Board Chair and Executive Director, and handled the financial affairs.  The SHI Trustees are grateful for his foresight and hard work.