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What is Arapal?

Arapal Christian Camp, Inc. (Arapal) is the Philippine non-profit corporation umbrella under which most of the ministries supported by Shepherd’s Hill International are conducted.  Arapal has its own Board of Trustees and is lead by its President, Dr. Elmer Palacio.  To assure good stewardship and accountability, Arapal makes financial and program reports to Shepherd’s Hill International. 


Though Arapal is headquartered in Cebu, Philippines, the actual camp property is located about two hours from Cebu in one of the poorest areas of the Philippine Islands.  It is from the camp that the goat program and many other agricultural-based programs are conducted, as well as numerous Vacation Bible Schools and other spiritual ministries. 


More information about Arapal can be found on its website at www.arapal.wordpress.com.  [Please note that the website is currently being updated.]