To reduce or eliminate the spiritual and economic poverty of many of the poorest citizens of the Philippine Islands.


To provide resources to make substantial and sustainable opportunities available to bless the physical, economic, intellectual, motivational, and spiritual lives of significant numbers of the most impoverished people of the Philippines.

Christian Purposes

Shepherd’s Hill International (SHI) believes that the best way to share Jesus is to be Jesus to our fellow men and women.  By giving people goats and teaching them economic skills and educating them, we are showing them the love of Christ and teaching them what it means to be his follower.  However, just like Jesus and his first century followers, we also want them to know the grace and love that comes through Christ and the blessings of living in the community of believers called the church.  Many of our goat and livelihood program staff are also church planters, preachers, and servant-hearted Christians.  Therefore, they are able to minister to the spiritual health of the people along with the physical health of the goats and the educational and skills training needs of the people.

SHI owes a lot to its founding by and support among members of the non-denominational churches of Christ, but we welcome participation and partnerships with Christians from many other fellowships with the intention of helping as many people as possible to gain a sustainable livelihood and to experience the blessings of knowing Christ.

Salvador Cariaga's work is changing a country—spiritually and economically.  It is raising the poor to become a middle class, and encouraging the best and brightest not to leave the Philippines.  And this new middle class will have children that are not malnourished and are better educated.  This is the subculture which all of SHI's ministries are bringing to Jesus.  SHI is bringing hope to the hopeless, as well as sharing the greatest Hope of all.

History of Give a Goat and Shepherd's Hill International

Give a Goat (“GG”) was born out of a cause that was already in motion in the Philippine Islands.  A small group of Filipino Christians were struggling to find an effective way to alleviate poverty for the families they were trying to reach with the Gospel.  However, many families could not hear their words over the sound of their growling stomachs, poor health, and motivational challenges.  This group of Filipinos had seen first-hand the damage simple aid (giving a fish without teaching to fish) can do to a culture and economy, so they searched for a sustainable way to empower the people to help themselves.

In 2006, they decided to start giving goats to families in need.  Along with giving goats they would train, educate, and establish relationships with the families who received the goats.  After about two years, they had hundreds of goats helping a number of families.  The program was growing at such a rapid rate, and the needs were so great, that they needed more support.

The key founder of the goat program, Salvador Cariaga, had attended Oklahoma Christian University (OC) before returning to his home country to help his people.  Salvador’s son, Peter Cariaga, was then attending OC as his father, Roman Cariaga, and he had done years before.  Peter partnered with a fellow student, David Bowden, to form the Oklahoma non-profit corporation Give a Goat.  The purpose of the non-profit was to raise support and awareness for the work that had sprung up organically in the Philippines.

Give a Goat still operates as a program of SHI in Oklahoma City and has given more than 2,500 goats to needy families in the Philippines. On January 1, 2013, Give a Goat was merged with a Texas non-profit corporation, and the name of the non-profit corporation was changed to Shepherd’s Hill International, Inc. in recognition of the need to support many affiliated ministries begun by Salvador Cariaga in the Philippines under the umbrella of Arapal Christian Camp, Inc., a Philippine non-profit corporation (“Arapal”).

The Give a Goat ministry remains a lead livelihood emphasis of the Shepherd’s Hill International.  However, not everyone who needs to benefit from this ministry can or will be able to raise goats.  Therefore, Arapal has initiated numerous other ministries to supplement the goat raising program and provide physical, economic, and spiritual blessings to the people of the Philippines.  Among those ministries are: (i) several cottage industries such as making jewelry, purses, and other items, soap-making out of goat milk, and sewing classes; (ii) pig-raising; (iii) worm-farming; (iv) organic gardening skills; (v) supporting orphans from the many disasters that strike the Philippines; (vi) children and adult bible classes; (vii) teaching skills such as blacksmithing and hairdressing; (viii) providing clean/safe drinking water; (ix) surgery for children with cleft palate; (x) co-sponsoring medical clinics; (xi) shipping containers of useful items; (xii) disaster relief; and (xiii) Momsy’s Kids – helping poor children have resources to attend school.

SHI’s board of Trustees has been expanded to twelve faithful and supportive Christians who desire to see this ministry grow and flourish so that many of the most needy families in the Philippines will be blessed.  Salvador’s support comes from two churches and all other American staff are volunteers to ensure that the maximum amount of every donated dollar is used by these ministries.

Why Philippines

Our present focus is on the Philippines because of the work of Salvador Cariaga.  Salvador, a native Filipino, has been a visionary leader for over 25 years.

He has seen the "cycle of poverty" and its dehumanizing effect pass from one generation to the next.  Government Aid programs and benevolent hand-outs were nothing more than band-aids and at best temporary solutions.  Most often the result was more dependency and less effort towards self-sufficiency.

The Philippines is a stable democracy but a country of economic extremes.  There are over 85 million people living in over 7100 islands of the Philippines.  Its natural wonders, colorful history, tropical climate, shimmering waters, and pristine beaches form a backdrop for a warm, friendly, engaging people who long for an opportunity to do and to be better.

In rural Philippines the average wage is less than $2.00 per day.  "Give a Goat and Give Hope", is a major part of the livelihood programs design by Salvador Cariaga, intended to create a new way of life for a spiritually and economically impoverished people.

Goat-raising, along with other aspects of this ministry, helps relieve hunger and restores human dignity.  Since these works began in the Philippines, the lives of hundreds of families and thousands of individuals have been blessed.


Poverty is a curable condition... you can help.


Hopelessness has a remedy… and it is Christ.