Providing a Season of Hope

Thank you for your interest in Give A Goat/Shepherd’s Hill International, and more importantly, the livelihood and evangelistic work we assist in one of the poorest areas of the Philippines.  We have much to share with you.  As you likely know in October and November 2013, the Philippines and the region around Arapal Christian Camp were devastated by a 7.2 earthquake followed by Yolanda—considered the worst typhoon in history to make landfall.  The outpouring of generosity by individuals and churches around the world was most heartwarming, and we thank those who contributed on behalf of the many families who were assisted by that generosity. 

Arapal Christian Camp is the hub of Shepherds Hill International’s mission.  Yolanda destroyed almost all buildings, goats and crops.  Arapal became a huge refugee camp providing basic food and meager shelter to many.  Fortunately, the recent typhoon Ruby only did minor damage at Arapal, though some other parts of the Philippines sustained much greater losses.  
Even though the past twelve months have been absorbed primarily with disaster relief and recovery efforts, those months have also brought many blessings to this mission work.

Spiritual growth –
  • Almost 800 souls have been baptized into Christ just in the area around Arapal.
  • Several new churches have begun, and the congregation that meets at Arapal has swelled to 400-500 souls. 
Disaster relief –
  • Shepherds Hill distributed several hundred thousand dollars providing immediate need of food, health care, and basic shelter while transitioning to the provision of building materials for rebuilding of homes.
  • Dr. John Bailey’s Body and Soul Ministries provided the funding to repair the BandS building on the campus which had provided the life-saving shelter for dozens of people from nearby farms and villages.
The need for assistance and relief has not ended; therefore, the continued generosity of our friends is needed as much now as it was during the initial disaster.

Ongoing needs –
  • Ministering to, nurturing and maturing the many new Christians at Arapal. 
  • Further assistance to the physical needs of people whose lives and livelihoods were nearly destroyed.
  • Repairing and replacing housing and worship facilities.
  • Rebuilding the goat program while building other livelihood programs including pigs and chickens.
  • Providing seeds for new crops along with training in good farming practices.
  • Providing medical clinics while teaching health and wellness skills.
  • Providing student scholarships for academic and vocational training.

We especially appreciate those who make monthly gifts to SHI either by check or by credit card on this website, but we are also pleased to receive your checks at our SHI mailing address.  These gifts enable us to continue helping some of the poorest of the poor in the Philippines by giving them spiritual nourishment and hope, as well as physical hope for their future.  In addition to your donations, we solicit your prayers for the livelihood ministries, for the Boards of Arapal and SHI, and for those ministering to the spiritual needs of the 800 new Christians.  The needs remain great and ongoing.  We pledge our best efforts to see that your gifts are strategically deployed in the name of Jesus. 

Over the past few months Salvador Cariaga and the Board of SHI have had discussions about his desires to focus his efforts on some new initiatives in the Philippines while also assuring the effectiveness and sustainability of the livelihood and discipleship programs at Arapal.  He has asked the Board of SHI to take greater responsibility for the fund-raising for these ministries so he can focus more on these new initiatives.  As the Founder, it has been Salvador’s vision that has come to life at Arapal, and he wants to make sure it continues to bless the people in that region.  Therefore, he will continue to tell the Arapal story and work with us to that end.  With Salvador’s primary focus on new initiatives, the Board of SHI will work more closely with the Board of Arapal Christian Camp to bless the Filipinos both spiritually and physically while insuring the good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us.

If you have more questions about how you can help with these efforts, please feel free to contact us.  Contributions can be made through this website or by check payable to Shepherds Hill International and mailed to PO Box 11000, Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100.  

With gratitude on behalf of God’s children in the Philippines, 

SHI Board of Trustees


Why You Should Support Our Organization


Giving a goat or other farm animal is like providing an investment that multiplies and blesses.


Handouts often cripple families and economies.  The gift farm animals or a marketable skill empowers and inspires hope and responsibility—not a temporary fix.


Lack of education leads to a cycle of poverty.


Goats provide milk for daily nutrition and fertilizer for a healthy garden.